Reflect that chess is but an imperfect variant of a game that was itself a variant of a germinal game whose origins lie somewhere in the darkness of time

D. B. Pritchard, The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants (1994)

The concept of Judtho has always been to respect chess and then improve it...

Judtho sets a new challenge for artificial intelligence and computer programming. The strategic and tactical possibilities of Judtho (even the two player format) are far greater than chess. It is not possible to use huge databases of opening moves in Judtho. 


You might think "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" but consider the following:

a): Generally, our phones/tablets/computers can beat us at chess.

b): Probably more books have been written on chess than any other board game.

c): So, because of our devices and all that analysis, chess is gradually becoming less appealing...

Why has this happened? Well, consider the following facts about chess:

a): It's a two player game.

b): It always starts from the same board setup.

c): The majority of games at a high level end in draws.

Judtho solves these issues:

a): It's for two, three or four players.

b): Players choose where to place their pieces.

c): Draws are very rare.


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