The online version of Judtho Duo is now available!!!

You can access it at:

Remember that very few people know about Judtho so do let your friends know when you're online so that they can join you in a game!

Currently, the rule that Pawns can jump over other Pawns is not available but otherwise it works relatively well.

You should place your pieces for the Assembly but to get started more quickly, you can click on Default Assembly (your Opponent will also have to click on Default Assembly as well).

To move pieces, click on the piece to see where it can go. If you change your mind, unclick the piece and click on another one. Please note that you cannot take back your moves.

Pawn promotion does work as does Knatching and multiple captures (for the Princess and Prince) and distant captures for the Knight. To perform these special captures, click on Begin Special Capture, select the pieces to be captured, and then click on End Special Capture.
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